Advising Services

Advising at Virginia Tech is a collaborative process between student and advisors leading to the exchange of information that encourages the individual student to make responsible academic and career decisions. Student athletes receive academic advising services from two sources: academic major advisors and SAASS Academic Counselors.

Academic Major Advisors
Each Virginia Tech student, including all student athletes, is assigned an academic advisor in the department in which he or she has declared a major. Academic major advisors guide students through the requirements for graduation from Virginia Tech. Students meet with their academic major advisor on a regular basis to gain valuable information on course selection and academic requirements. Choosing the appropriate courses toward graduation in any of the university’s majors is complex and the academic major advisor has the expertise to make the process successful for each student. Academic major advisors are also helpful in working with Deans if student athletes need to appeal grades, take courses off-campus, process course withdrawal forms, or change majors

Academic Counselors
Academic Counselors in the SAASS office advise student athletes on issues of NCAA eligibility requirements and scheduling around athletic events. Student athletes should meet with Academic Counselors on a frequent basis to verify progress toward degree requirements, grade results, and travel/practice implications for courses.

While both academic major advisors and SAASS Academic Counselors support student athletes, the ultimate responsibility for knowing requirements and deadlines rests with the student athletes themselves.