Virginia Tech SAASS Computing Services

SAASS Computing Services (SCS) is a combination of one of the finest computer labs that Virginia Tech has to offer and a multitude of computing services for student-athletes and SAASS staff. Currently the lab and its servers are made up of:

- Our own set of Servers including a St. Bernard iPrism proxy as well as four Microsoft Windows 2003 R2 servers, two CentOS Linux servers, and two specialized Windows XP video servers

- HEAT Lab - 25 Windows XP Workstations located in 343 Lane Stadium - West Side

- AT Lab - 2 Dell Windows XP and 1 Apple MacOS 10.4/Windows XP Workstations located in 343B Lane Stadium - West Side

- Road Warrior Laptop Loaner System for Athletes on the road

After agreeing to the SAASS Computing Services Acceptable Use Policy, student-atheletes can request an individual account which will allow them to make full use of all the abilities that the two labs have to offer.

Currently, each user with an individual account can take advantage of the ability for their account's profile to roam from computer to computer which will allow them to have their data available on any SCS Lab computer. This feature also provides some level of data security, in that a student-athlete's work is only available to that student-athlete and it will be protected by the data redundancy and protection plans that SCS staff have in place.

Finally, users with individual accounts can make a request that their account be able to temporarily bypass the block on a specific subject programmed into the proxy server should they need it to for classwork.