Virginia Tech SAASS Computing Services

SAASS Computing Services (SCS) is a combination of one of the finest computer labs that Virginia Tech has to offer, and a multitude of computing services for student-athletes and SAASS staff. We currently have the following in place:

- Our own set of servers which includes: an Ubuntu Linux server that runs the SAASS website, 2 Windows 2008 servers for user account services, and a Windows 2012 server providing file services and backup storage.

- Main SAASS Computer Lab - 25 Windows 8 Workstations located in 343 Lane Stadium - West Side

- A supply of Dell loaner laptops, available to student-athletes to use while on the road or while their personal computer is being repaired.

We ask that student-athletes speak with SAASS IT staff to obtain an individual account before using the lab for the first time - this allows for greater security while using the computers, as well as easier access to any services we may implement in the future.