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Volunteers Interns Practicum (VIP) Program

The VIP Program with Virginia Tech SAASS is a one semester program that allows for new individuals to gain applicable experience in the field of student-athlete academic support. Throughout the academic year our VIP participants learn and apply NCAA, ACC and Virginia Tech eligibility requirements for student-athletes. Additionally, they are involved in creating and supporting student-athletes’ individual academic plans. The SAASS staff aims to provide professional development opportunities while participants learn and become adept with essential resume building skills to prepare for full-time employment in the student-athlete academic support environment. Through specialized programming, VIP’s will encounter the various responsibilities of a working professional in a full-time position. Those responsibilities include, administrative tasks, special projects, and monitoring academic progress during a semester.

SAASS Internship Program

The SAASS Internship Program runs parallel to the VIP experience during the first semester with set programming and then continues on during the second semester geared more towards landing a full-time position in the field at the end of the program. The second semester includes more hands-on experience with student-athletes and teams, daily, monthly, and seasonally processes, and the day-to-day with student-athletes. The SAASS staff facilitates additional professional development and growth opportunities for the interns throughout the year for preparation for full-time positions including mock-interviews, case studies, and presentations. The ultimate goal for the SAASS Internship Program is to develop and increase proficiency in key skills necessary to acquire and excel in a full-time position in the area of academic support for student-athletes.

The Internship Program runs for an academic calendar year from August to May and follows a planned timeline to allow the interns to experience the realities of a full-time role in student-athlete academic support, but also allows opportunities for the interns to make their experience their own and gain significant practice in various areas of interest to them. Currently, SAASS has three tracks within the Internship Program, a Football Academic Coordinator, an Olympic Academic Coordinator, and an Assistant Learning Specialist.

Where Are They Now?

From new Academic Coordinators to department Directors and even an N4A president, Virginia Tech Interns leave with a solid foundation that impacts careers for years to come!

  • Central Michigan University
  • Coastal Carolina University
  • East Carolina University
  • Georgia Tech
  • Rochester Institute of Technology
  • Southern New Hampshire University
  • Texas A & M University
  • University of Southern California
  • Virginia Tech

SAASS Intern Suite

SAASS full-time interns have the capability to work in the SAASS Intern Suite located in the Quillen Family Academic Center on the 3rd Floor of Lane Stadium. The Intern Suite contains 3 individual desks that the interns are able to personalize to their needs. Each desk provides a docking station to connect their VT loaned laptop and view on a monitor. The Intern Suite also includes a laptop bar with stools for students to set up at during meetings with the interns.

Looking to become a VIP with SAASS? Please email for more information.