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Quillen Family Academic Center

Student-Athlete Academic Support Services is fortunate to be housed on one floor of Lane Stadium. The Quillen Family Academic Center is located on the 3rd Floor of Lane Stadium and currently has the following available for student-athletes:

  • All SAASS Staff offices along the hallway
  • 16 individual/group study rooms
  • 4 classrooms
  • 1 conference room
  • 1 computer lab

Individual and Group Study Rooms

The SAASS Study Rooms vary in size are throughout the Quillen Family Academic Center. Some are suited for just a couple individuals while several will fit small groups for studying. Each Study Room includes a table, rolling chairs, and a large glass whiteboard that takes up an entire wall equipped with an eraser and marker.

The SAASS Study Rooms also serve as the locations for Tutor, Mentor, and other academic support appointments. The Study Rooms are reserved for these appointments throughout the day

Students may access the Room Reservation Schedule online to see which rooms are available for studying in.

Large Study Room
Small Study Room


SAASS Classrooms mainly serve as the locations for team study halls throughout the day and week. The Classrooms are also used for group tutor review sessions and other academic studying.

The Rich & Terri Crawford Room, Classroom 309

  • Seats 24 individuals at desks with rolling chairs and laptop charging capabilities
  • Large 70 inch screen TV with HDMI cords for presentations
  • Large whiteboard equipped with markers and an eraser

Classroom 310

  • Seats 20 individuals with rolling chairs
  • 4 paired desks
  • 10 individual study stations with laptop charging capabilities
  • Rolling easel with whiteboard equipped with markers and an eraser

The Dr. Donald Anderson Room, Classroom 315

  • Seats 18 individuals with rolling chairs
  • 4 paired desks
  • 10 individual study stations with laptop charging capabilities
  • 2 whiteboards equipped with markers and an eraser
  • Room divider and 2 entrances to be able to split the classroom into 2

The Edward H. Dickinson ’42 Academic Classroom, Classroom 344

  • Seats 18 individuals with rolling chairs
  • 5 paired desks
  • 8 individual study stations with laptop charging capabilities
  • Rolling easel with whiteboard equipped with markers and an eraser

The Margaret G. Skelton Conference Room

The Skelton Conference Room hosts frequent group staff meetings, any new staff orientations and trainings, and on occasion, group tutor review sessions. The conference room houses the display for all the previous Skelton Award winners, the most prestigious award with the Virginia Tech Athletics Department.

  • 12 executive desk chairs around the conference table with an additional 4 seats surrounding
  • 60 inch TV screen with HDMI cords for presentations
  • Large glass whiteboard equipped with markers and an eraser

Computer Lab

The SAASS Computer lab is a restricted facility that only student-athletes and SAASS staff have access too.

The lab is equipped with:

  • 13 Dell desktop computers with wide screen monitors
  • 1 iMac computer
  • free wireless printing
  • 1 large glass whiteboard
  • 10 large study stations that are furnished with laptop charger capability

Users of the Computer Lab are expected to follow the facility rules, be mindful of disruptive activities as the lab is meant to be quiet space, and assume compliance with the Acceptable Use of Information Systems at Virginia Tech. Users are not to install any additional programs on to the lab computers. Any students that need additional software temporarily installed on a lab computer in order to complete schoolwork should speak to Tim Roberts in the lab office, 343A. Logging in to the Computer Lab desktop computers requires a VT username and Hokies Password. Instructions for logging in are located at each desktop computer.

SAASS Floor Plan

IT Services

SAASS has an IT Specialist, Tim Roberts, available for assistance with any issues and/or further help. Any IT issues, including printer paper jams, should be brought to Tim. Tim is located in 343A in the Computer Lab and can also be emailed at


Eduroam is the wireless network service provided by Virginia Tech in the building as well as throughout campus. To connect to the Eduroam Wireless network, follow the instructions below or those provided by Virginia Tech Network Infrastructure & Services.

Setting up Eduroam on your Laptop

Double-click & run the Eduroam setup program on the desktop (SAASS issued Laptop) or go to Click download button, select Virginia Tech, download and run installer

  1. Enter your username and Network password when prompted
  2. Click Next/Finish until the setup closes
  3. Click the wireless icon near the clock on your taskbar and connect to Eduroam
  4. If it cannot connect after a few moments, the password or username entered was incorrect
  5. Troubleshooting: verify the username/password on MyVT if needed, then run the setup wizard again and re-enter the corrected information

Setting up Eduroam on your Phone

iPhone: setup on iOS is similar to the laptop setup.

  1. Go to
  2. The installer will ask you to install a security certificate/profile, enter your phone passcode, and then enter your username and Network.
  3. Once that completes, you have to *manually* tell it to connect to Eduroam as you would on a laptop.

Android: Setup on for Android is more complicated and can change depending on what version of the OS you have. See Android directions.

SAASS Lab Printer

The SAASS Lab Printer offers free black and white, double-sided printing for all student-athletes. All SAASS Lab desktop computers can print to the Lab Printer. If you would like to connect you laptop to the Lab Printer, follow the instructions below. Excessive amounts of printing may result in the loss of printing privileges. If the printer is not printing (paper jam or error message), seek assistance from Tim Roberts or a SAASS Staff member, do not keep trying to print.

Installing & Connecting to the SAASS Lab Printer

  1. Ensure you are connected to Eduroam Wifi, you will not be able to add or use the printer otherwise.
  2. Click the Start menu, lower left corner, – then type “printer”. Click on “Printers & Scanners”
  3. In the Printers & Scanners window, click “Add a Printer or Scanner” along the top.
  4. When it shows up after a moment, click “The printer that I want isn’t listed”.
  5. Select “Add a printer using a TCP/IP address or hostname”
  6. In the “Hostname or IP address” box, type and hit Next.
  7. The printer will start automatically installing. Click Next when the button appears, and then Next again on the Printer Sharing screen. Leave the selection on “Do not share this printer”. Select to set the printer as your default if you would like, then click Finish.
  8. Warning: it may still take a few moments for the printer to become usable. If you have waited 5-10 minutes after clicking Finish and you are still unable to print, see Tim Roberts.