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Study Hall

Study hall hours are arranged by sport and SAASS Academic Counselor. The purpose of study hall is to provide accountability and a structured approach to studying. SAASS offers two types of study halls: Team Study Hall and Flex Study Hall. Student-athletes that are required to participate in study hall are all First-Year student-athletes (including transfers) and any student-athlete recommended by the SAASS Academic Counselor or coach.

Team Study Hall

Team Study Hall sessions are monitored and quiet so that students can work uninterrupted. Morning sessions are typically monitored by the assigned SAASS Academic Counselor and evening sessions are monitored by hired Study Hall Monitors. Student-athletes who participate in Team Study Hall sessions are expected to come to study hall on time with all of the materials necessary for completing assignments and studying. Team Study Hall sessions take place in one of the 4 classrooms in the Quillen Family Academic Center.

Flex Study Hall

Flex Study Hall sessions happen throughout the day and week and are unmonitored. Student-athletes are assigned a certain number of study hall hours for each week and they decide when to complete them. These study hall hours are tracked in our system on Navigate and require the student-athlete to sign-in and out from our iPad kiosk each session they come for on our floor. Teams/student-athletes may start out with Flex Study Hall upon starting at Virginia Tech or student-athletes may shift from Team Study Hall to Flex Study Hall at the discretion of the SAASS Academic Counselor before completing graduating to independent studiers.

Becoming a Study Hall Monitor

If you are interested in joining the SAASS staff as a part-time Study Hall Monitor, please find the SAASS Study Hall Monitor position posting via Handshake and submit your application on that platform. The Study Hall Coordinator will then be notified and review the materials submitted.

SAASS Study Hall Monitors must:

  • Be a student at Virginia Tech
  • Commit to being a Study Hall Monitor for at least one semester
  • Be available to work evenings and weekends
  • Be able to enforce rules and regulations of SAASS Study Hall policies
  • Keep accurate records of attendance and behavior and any other duties assigned by the Study Hall Coordinator

Please email the Study Hall Coordinator with any questions or for more information.