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Symone Henriques

March 2022

Symone Henriques

Women’s Golf

What does being a student-athlete mean to you?

It’s been a dream of mine since I was in my freshman year of high school. Being able to play for a team and school that supports you academically as well as helps you purse your dreams in your sport is amazing. The opportunity of being a student athlete is truly a dream come true and being able to achieve my goals academically and being supported is incredible.

Where is your favorite study spot on campus?

My favorite spot on campus is definitely Drillfield, just walking around or have a seat and just enjoy the scenery and environment around me. 

What study skill or academic success tip/trick has helped you the most?

Definitely using the resources available to me and planning ahead of time as with our schedule there’s always traveling.

What is your favorite course you have taken so far?

Definitely personal financial planning.

What advice would you give yourself as a freshman?

I would say to keep working and grinding because the dream I had as a kid can become a reality with hard work and dedication.

"Symone knocked it out of the park with her first test in math, immediately upon return from a tournament trip. She has shown dedication to both her academics and athletics, along with continual perseverance to keep working hard to perform her best in all areas!"